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September 22, 2008
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Something Different by Anjilasaurus Something Different by Anjilasaurus
*Drakhalin and a few others dared me to make something dark. :D And I wanted to paint some sort of scenery for once.

This is a new stygimoloch character I made up recently. I'm trying to figure out a name, but am utterly failing. D: Vespertine has been floating around in my mind for a while, though! She likes to put DayGlo on her horns~

Looks like she missed the bus! :(

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Mr-Bonevelous Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Cool, I like the gritty cyberpunk feel this picture has. I like it a lot! :)
Also, excellent shading. :)
SpikedHead Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Goldquiver Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I really like the almost monochromatic style here, it certainly makes a sombre atmosphere. Her eyes really catch my attention though, they give sort of a tired, dreary, but maybe accepting feel. Interesting use of a colourful character in such a setting.
KiraVixen Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2009
That very Pretty the coloring is awsome!XD
How about the name LayLa wich means Dark Beauty!
DrewGreen Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2009
Such great, unexpected use of colors and subtle textures and details really give this one a fantastic and alluring atmosphere. Very nice work!
EmotionlessBlue Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is veerrryyy beautiful! @o@ :heart: Love the colours and the character itself is so cool! ^^
Saari Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The colors you made here are perfect. It's dark but very colorful at the same time ^^
Myst-fox Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008
I really like the detail in this, from the city lights to the gum under the bench! <3 I really like how much her eyes pop, it was the first thing I looked at! Got my attention and made me look more. The background is simply wonderful! I love the one little star in the sky >w<! Simply a Marvelous job!
Sushipudding Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2008
Wow thats beautiful!! I LOVE the colors you used. I just spent about 5 minutes analyzing it. xD The shine on her tail is so cool. *stares*
White-over-blue Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, well, well! It is not very often that I see you using such a dark variety of colours. The things that I like the most in the pic are those little details the eye misses when not staring at it for a long time; I found a small star on the top part of the pic. I also found a helicopter looking for criminals in the middle of the night, and her tail wrapping the bench all around =D.
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